Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Thousands illegally entering our country freely running across the border - What happened to the FUCKING Wall?

ALL THEY DO IS WASTE OUR TAX DOLLARS.  They never fix the problem and only make things worse.

When are we going to wake up America to the ridiculous song and dance that they feed us all the time and trick us into thinking we're in a DEMOCRACY - WE ARE NOT.  

We're in a nightmarish situation to which there is no escape.

Start making plans for America 2.0 Inc. or we're all doomed on this planet as an intelligent species and will soon be as extinct as the Dodo Bird.

America 2.0, Revolution, Take Stock in America,

IF this country were a CORPORATION - We The People are all of its stockholders and we all PROSPER as the value of our country increases from our hard work.


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